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Divorce (Dissolution)

Oregon is a “no fault” state. Either party to a marriage can file for divorce regardless of the reason. All one needs to tell the court is that irreconcilable differences exist between the parties. Upon such pleading, the court will grant the divorce. However, as simple as this process sounds, it involves substantial complexity. As your divorce lawyer, we guide our clients through this process.

To end a marriage, the court must divide the marital estate. It is not simply the end of a marriage, but the severing of a financial partnership. We help identify assets, liabilities, incomes and expenses, and develop a plan to ensure your financial stability, both short-term and long-term. Who keeps the house? What about retirement accounts and other investments? How will divorce affect your taxes? When can I move or require my spouse to leave? These questions require a breadth of knowledge and expertise in several areas of the law.

If children are involved, the court must determine custody and parenting time. Will you have custody of your children? How often will you get to see your children? What will the court consider to be in the best interest of your children? These are not questions to take lightly. As parents ourselves, we know the importance of these issues and will work tirelessly to make sure that your best case is presented.

What about support? This is a common question during any divorce proceeding. Whether spousal support or child support, we understand the process. Afraid you’re going to pay too much? Worried you’re not going to receive enough? We help walk you through how these issues are determined, and, if necessary, plan an appropriate strategy to protect your interests.

If you are thinking about divorce, make an appointment to discuss what steps you can take to plan for this difficult and stressful life event. If you have already been served with a divorce petition, make an appointment to discuss how to respond and what to do next.

Don’t make the mistake of moving forward without the proper knowledge and professional assistance we can provide you.

Custody/Parenting Time

Cases involving children are difficult for any parent. We can help.

In Oregon, custody is a powerful word, especially between parents. However, the scope of custody is often misunderstood. Custody is about major decisions, not day-to-day choices or parenting time. While a parent with custody can make decisions about religion, health care, and education, he or she cannot mandate what a child eats, watches on TV, or what time that child goes to bed when with the other parent. Of course, there exists a lot of grey areas. We provide the information and counsel necessary for our clients to make informed decisions in the best interests of their children.

Parenting time is what most parents truly find important; parenting time is the time you spend with your children. Oregon courts encourage parents to reach an agreement on parenting time. To help reach an agreement, parents generally attend a parenting class and participate in mediation after litigation begins. We help guide our clients through that process. Understanding parenting time rights and how Oregon courts will view parenting time in your particular case is important information to have prior to engaging in mediation.

While courts have a “standard parenting plan”, this is by no means, the only plan available. When developing a parenting time plan, the court will consider the best interests of the children and the safety of the parent; such a plan is not based on convenience to, or personal preference of, either parent.

How can you get more time? What about when the other parent lives in a different city? What happens when you have a plan and the other parent doesn’t follow it? These are just a few of the questions we resolve with our clients.

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